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295 registered 2019 members, originality concerns and royalty possibilities- Nascam

“If we do not receive the funds then there will be no royalty payouts, ” John Max.

John Max the CEO of Nascam says quite a number of artists registered as their members this year and more data is expected to be captured. According to him, over 295 artists were registered this year with 3007 new songs recorded between February and September 2019. In total, there are 6983 members on the system with close to 600 that still need to be put on the permanent list.

John Max further states that there is likely to be an increase in data due to the upcoming NAMA 2020 entry that is to be announced. The CEO, however, says he is concerned with certain issues such as creativity from the artists.

” The issue is creativity and originality. Most of the young producers and musicians are sampling and rearranging music that already exists and we want to encourage pure creativity based on new ideas, ” says.

With regards to artists royalties, the CEO says the capturing process is currently taking place and payments will begin once the funds already available.

“We have already started with the capturing process, and we planned to finish in the last week of November. If we receive the funds for royalty payments, we will immediately start paying out to the artists, but if we do not receive the funds then there will be no royalty payouts,” he said.

The CEO, in a public statement, recently aired his concerns over the slashing and tremendous cut in the beaming of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation programs as he puts it saying:

“7900 registered songwriters and composers that are directly benefitting from the music royalties received from the NBC. This semi blackout will severely affect their creativities assets (music) to enjoyed airplay in order to generate Royalties which form an income for their families and wealth. They may be forced to become counter-productive and resort to unbecoming means of soliciting bread on their tables.

NASCAM therefore, patriotically calls upon our government to revisit this decision of starving the NBC of funding and to also become more innovative, creative and visionary in identifying ways, means and devices of sourcing additional funding for the operations of the NBC, ” read the statement.


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