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30 Group exhibition on now

Inspired by the 30 years of independence of Namibia, the concept for the ‘30’ group exhibition was born. Zero is a symbol of infinity, wholeness, flow and cycles. Three symbolises creativity and optimism. Combined, thirty has a special significance in the cycle of time.

At its heart, ‘30’ is a group show celebrating Namibian art and artists. In addition to works from the extensive Arts Association Heritage Trust (AAHT) Collection, the exhibition will show works by contemporary artists specifically created with the symbolism of ‘30’ in mind. Combined, this presentation not only showcases the development of Namibian art but also the variety of mediums (clay, wood, steel, paper collage, oil on canvas, linocut print, cardboard print on paper), styles, viewpoints and subject matter that is reflective of Namibia’s artistic consciousness.

The exhibition offers the viewer the unique experience of confronting a floor-to-ceiling smörgasbord of colour, shape, form and texture, of past and present. It is a reflection on Namibian art, where it’s come from and where it is today. Elia Shiwoohamba, Nicky Marais, Tina Basson, Urte Remmert are only a few of all the contemporary artists who took part, while works by the likes of Asser Karita, Samuel Amunkete, Herman Mbamba, Susan Mitchinson and Walter Amadhila will be on display as part of the AAHT Collection.

The ‘30’ exhibition will run at the NAA gallery, Old Grüner Kranz complex, 10-14 Macadam Street, from Thursday, 03 to Thursday, 17 September 2020, in line with GRN Covid-19 directives.


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