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6ixtheoutkxst on battling depression and raising from it through music

“You know as an artist, especially in a country like this its very hard to maintain that stability that you have when it comes to making music”

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Saddam Malima aka 6ixtheoutkxst is a Namibian upcoming rapper born and raised in Windhoek and have been making music since the age of 17. What inspired him to do music was the fact that he could produce his own art without having to say much about himself.

6ixtheoutkxst started posting his songs on Soundlcoud back in 2016 and would remove a song everytime it reached a 50 streams because of the insecurities he had about his own sound. And battling depression he always thought that people would not accept him for the type of sound he gives out. Last year the artist then decided to release his debut mixtape titled “SADVIBESFORVER” which consist of six songs. SADVIBESFOREVER was inspired by Shiloh dynasty and the mixtape gained 2000+ streams on soundcloud as time went by.

Speaking to Unwrap.online , 6ixtheoutkxst explains how difficult it is as an upcoming to maintain stability in the Namibian music industry ” its very hard to maintain that stability that you have when it comes to making music, because not everyone in Namibia will be willing to support your music reason being people are all focused on their own productivity” he says. The artist further adds that people don’t really have time to reach out to one another and support artist like him and what he has to offer.

The artist who’s sound is rather moody says that he is legit on the low with his creativity beacause a lot of people told him his music is not going to make him feel better as an artist and it isn’t going to take him anywhere at all. 6ixtheoutkast then old Unwrap.online that he is currently challenging himself to release more music and stay in the positive light, he will try hard to digest all negativity thrown towards him and move forward.

6ixtheoutkxst is currently working on his second project that will be released later on this year. The artist thanks everyone that has been supportive ever since the beginning. SADVIBESFOREVRR out now!

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