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Exclusive interview with Alta Ouses on Eish, LOVE!

The music goddess is finally dropping her debut album and we couldn’t help but dive right in to get to know the album before we hear it. Here is what she had to say about the album, its features and the story behind the title.

unwrap.online (UO): You have been around for a while and only gave us singles. Why the decision to drop the album now?

Alta Ouses (AO): It was a challenge to release it earlier this year due to problems I faced with my team but I feel now is the right time because everything is falling into place perfectly. As we all know that September has been a hell month due to bad things happening in the world especially in South Africa. I’m trying to carry only positive vibes and I hope that changes when I release my album.

UO: How would you describe the genre you of music you make?

AO: I’m more of a soulful singer but slowly merging my soulfulness into different genres bringing originality at the same time. A different sonic to music. I make good quality music. I am such a critic too so it helps to get things done the right way.

UO: Are there features on the song we should anticipate?

AO: Yes there are features to anticipate to. And there are features I’m glad to be part of the project.

UO: Please walk us through the debut album Eish, LOVE!

AO: Eish, LOVE! Is the title of my upcoming studio album. It is a 13 track album with a remix of Who Was I as a bonus track. Love is the reason why we say Eish sometimes. Love has so much influence and that’s what I mostly write about. You can’t ignore it. I have been in a verbally and physically abusive relationship and that influenced my music too. But what’s most important is that you are allowing to heal every day. My album is also about women empowerment. I’m a woman and it’s very important to empower another one. We in this together when one loses we lose when one wins we all win. Let’s be unapologetic about who we are, what we believe in, what we choose to wear and say! The track Goddess reflects so much on that too.

UO: What mediums will it be available on and for how much?

AO: Album will be N$130 and It’ll be available on iTunes, Deezer for now And other online music platforms later.


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