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93Underdogs bark at Nascam and media

By Emilie Shimbali

93 Underdogs recently expressed their dissatisfaction of unfair media coverage as well as the weak effort for NASCAM to monetize their music and keep them afloat in these times.

The group is run by Herman Avula and 93Underdogs are associated with music that can either be relieving, distressing or carries a strong word of encouragement. According to one of the members said that, they have been producing music since 2017 but their work never gotten published in the newspapers.

“It is why people undermine us and our message does not reach far. Newspapers only approach people once they are up there on the map until this person blows up. They will reach up to you for the newspapers to sell very well, maybe they should also start paying well known artists to publish their articles,” a devastated member said.

The artists strongly emphasize that they do not put the blame on the pandemic because it can go away anytime soon. The art crisis is real and the pandemic is everywhere too. “Nascam should be replaced by a serious company that knows how hard it is to take a thousand out of your pocket to be used unlawful. We need a company that has an app connected to all radio stations so that when a song play 10 times it is recorded. We should as well get it to paper that tells how much an artist is getting per play,” said Ghifikwa.

In addition, 93Underdogs announced that, they are ready to collaborate with any artist countrywide. They also stated that they won’t let themselves down but they will stare at it and fix where the puzzle is broken.


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