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A closer look at Phred Got1’s hat trick singles

Looking at the songs, their lyrics and what they mean.

On Wednesday, artist Phred Got1 dropped three singles Time Is Everything, Anything Is Possible and Family Matters on the same day. Today unwrap.online dives deeper into the singles, looking at the lyrics and where the inspiration came from.

TIE (Time Is Everything)

Phred Got 1 says staying true to oneself and not giving in to pressure is pivotal in life. With this, the singer says living in ones time should be a journey we must embrace and utilize. On this song, PhredGot1 states that ‘I’ve always given myself in abundance, even after I was left at my lowest’, a lesson to take not to deprive oneself of their inner greatness regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

Family Matters

The lyrics are profound as the recording artist opens up about family who matters to him. The sequence of these lyrics is quite interesting, as he begins to talk to his father, mother, daughter, brother, sister and his friends in the bridge. Phred Got1 also expresses himself widely and acknowledges his mistakes. It’s relatable when he says, ‘’We all got choices to make and I did, God, family, music is all that I need’’ God. Family. Music is his second mixtape which dropped in 2017.

Anything Is Possible

Sounds vague and complex at the same time.
“There’s a thin line between confidence and pride, but when you sort out the difference it takes you in a direction of loads of opportunities. This is where self-development comes in and investing in yourself because Anything Is Possible,” he says.
Here the recording artist states that confirming is a norm, everybody wants the good life but hate the part where they need to put in the work. Form follows function!


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