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A date with Erna Chimu beyond music

Erna Chimu is imposing on stage but who is she off the stage? unwrap.online gets to know the nitty-gritty of Namibia’s legendary queen.

She has that striking voice fused with her Afrocentric beat, one would not miss her for anything.

Perhaps that is why she draws inspiration from the lion of Mali, Salif Keita, legendary late Miriam Makeba and the queen of Benin, Angelique Kidjo and wants an Africa where Africans are proud of themselves. You ought to be ambitious to be inspired by those African legends whose music knows no other language than dance.

“I think as an artist the most well-covered artist were those like the legendary Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Salif Keita, Angelique Kidjo, that we first saw as the giants rising in a pop cultured among the most popular musicians from the western dominated industry,” she states.

” Also, previously our media mostly fed us how great and perfect the western music, designs were and somewhere along this lines people thought that’s the only right way to do things, to dress, speak, to song etc, but with our government helping us telling our stories we got to hear of our own Jackson Kaujeua, Willy mbuende and Elemotho telling their stories and we have to embrace that, ” she said.
However, she just does not wish to be anyone else than herself.

” Of course every young girl wants to sound like the Mariah Careys, Whitney Houston and the Beyonce of this world but there can only be one of each of us and it’s time the world hear your story, my story, my sound, and unfortunately I can only tell mine the best I know how, “she said.

More fascinating is that behind that superimposing figure on strange whose sound causes vibrations in places least imagined and her voice serenade’s like a cool crooner, China is deeply rooted in African beliefs and lives for the thrill of a united Africa.

“The truth Africa day is that it shod be celebrated as a day Africans got freedom, or became independent and gave countries in Africa the right to lead the liberty to be who we are as a people together,” she said.
Chimu distinguishes Ed herself with her music and influence but what really whets her appetite for food?

” I honestly don’t have a favourite African restaurant or a favourite place I have been to, and that is breathtaking. Sossusvlei, Waterberg, remain the places I go to to find my peace,” she said.

She added, ” I love to eat pap and. Donkey meat, 🤣.”

Chimu said to her just like music love has no description of colour, religion, creed or ethnicity.

” I don’t have a problem if people find love with whoever they fall in love with, under the sky, dark, yellow or, white colour we are the same humans,” she said.
So what is her African favourite destination, many would wonder?

“Favourite destination, mmm, Cape Town, I can be rooming around, misbehave and nobody cares, everyone minds their own business there. My most inspirational African would be Salif Keita, the reason, He sang in a language we didn’t understand but he manages to make the world listen, dance, and a dress his message, that taught me the importance to embrace the culture, your mother tongue, and be proud of who are, “she said.
Despite her being a serious character that’s appealing to jazz lover, Chimu does not miss a perfect chance for a good laugh.

” Kansiime Anne always does it for me. She is hilarious. Love her for that. My band is unique, we found each other many years ago and recorded all of my albums live, and still, together, we have people from all over the world and that set us apart from the rest. If I have a word to describe my band, it’s authentic, original and universal,” she concluded.


  1. I am Mr Alfred Chuene based in South Africa in Musina Limpopo Province.
    I am a Jazz musician and a local radio Jazz presenter in my community and a serious follower of Erna Chimu and the rest of other African musicians and would love to tell that I am behind Africa as a whole in terms of giving all Jazz musicians airplay at our local stations.
    I believe in diversity.


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