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A doctor’s love for poetry

Matty Kaminzi

Namibian doctor, poetess, public speaking coach, motivational speaker and health advocate Esperance Luvindao is indeed a Jane of all trades.

Her love for medicine and artistry is proving that there is no such thing as doing too much, besides we live in a world of many possibilities.

Over the years she has grabbed many opportunities with both hands from, modelling, to presenting, to releasing a poetry album and graduating medical school.

How then does she balance the two worlds (medicine and artistry) as they are so different and demanding.

Luvindao gave unwrap a glimpse of her daily juggles.
“It is like being in a relationship with someone and they are constantly craving your attention and they want your attention, which is rightfully so but I have all these other things I need to give attention to, ” she said.

She added, “So because of this she has adapted a rotation schedule where she focuses on one or two things daily.
Despite her busy schedule, she makes it clear how she never neglects her family. For Luvindao making time for family is not an option, as her family is a priority. “My family is a priority for me, I don’t have to make time for them they are my day.”

When we all know being a doctor is demanding, one would not understand why a doctor would want to add a load of artistry into their already demanding career.

For Luvindao artistry is an escape.
“Everyone does need an escape and poetry is that escape for me, ” she said.

She attributed most of her success in the poetry to St. Pauls’ College and her former English teacher who always believed that despite her background she will be a good writer and speaker.

“Your focus should be I am starting in Namibia but I am expanding to Africa and the rest of the world, ” She said, adding that, “I did not get paid for my first international gig, but I did it anyway.”

So what exactly motivates her?
“There are people that are dependent on me living my destiny in order for them to be able to ultimately live theirs,” she said.

The versatile artist will be launching her website in two and a half months.


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