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Terrace Bay- A dream amid the grey

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves breaking just outside your window and above that water splatter you catch a glimpse of seagulls carrying angelfish in their yellow beaks while the sun breaks through the thick mist.

Some say being at Terrace Bay is like being on another planet; it gives you an out of this world experience where you are lulled to a night of deep and blissful sleep by the deafening sea and the wind.

Terrace Bay’s charm lies in its desertedness – a pristine and untouched gem in the heart of the Namib Deserts and the edges of the Skeleton Coast. The NWR Terrace Bay offers you affordable accommodation with good food and at the same time brings you right to the doorstep of this wildlife diaspora. It provides excellent hiking trails, is a sanctuary for all types of birds and offers the most breath-taking sunsets in the world.

You can easily venture into the nearby Uniab River Delta, for a glimpse into Terrance Bay’s wildlife diaspora. Now that sounds like a definite good holiday escape. Haven’t made up your holiday destination for the festive season? This is a definite place to consider.


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