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A fitness guide to the perfect body

Johannes Orr and Eutimia Nakangombe

Winter is coming and what better way to utilize the fruits of such a period than to get ready for a healthy body. Well remember what we did last summer so why not flaunt it again if you have it.

For now, forget the lockdown effects and find some inspiration and enjoy home workouts in preparation for that beach body.

unWrap.online herewith gives some tips to a perfect summer body courtesy of Namibia’s fitness freaks.

We join award-winning actor and TV host Adriano Visagie and media personality Uejaa on their fitness journey.

Adriano’s fitness journey started from his athletic career, in 2008 when he represented Namibia at the Beijing Olympic Games.
“My physical health translates into mental health and hence fitness is mentally and physically therapeutic, relaxing’ Visagie said.

Every journey involves lessons and self-discovery. Adriano has learned to explore different methods of keeping fit and also acknowledge the physical changes his body underwent. Society has created this false pretence that if you are on a fitness journey that you need to look a certain type of way or more so translate to ‘perfection’ which is not the case.

Adriano’s wise words
Fitness is a state of mind and healing of the body.

Here are Adriano’s go-to home exercises
Rope, ankle weights, stretcher, roller, and medicine ball which comes in handy for his days, he wants to sweat a little bit more.

For our resident, MC Uejaa fitness is a lifestyle and what she learned about her journey during the lockdown was that she is her own motivator in reaching and maintaining her fitness goals.

Uejaa’s wise words
Have an honest conversation with yourself, brittle and truthful because you are all you have at the end of the day. You can’t blame anyone else for your state of health.


Uejaa’s lockdown workout
The MC’s workout routine has mostly been focused on strengthening her core and working on getting those abs to form hot summer girl look loading.
Uejaa added rope skipping to her routine rather than running in the street.


Take time to find out what works for your fitness journey and trust the process while having fun. Uejaa said.

Hermein Elago Fitness Awareness Creator who also shared her weight loss journey with the public in 2013 said the body itself is all the equipment that you need and this is a great time to go back to the basics. We can no longer have access to gyms and utilize an array of equipment.
The basics are always accessible, the basics are always effective, the basics always work.

Hermien’s wise words
Our health is our wealth.

Hermien’s basic home workouts
I highly suggest doing squats, one of the best bodyweight workouts as it works for your biggest muscle groups.
Push-ups and crunches.

When it comes to home workouts, do what you can use what you have, and start where you are. You don’t need equipment to start on this journey and Fitness Awareness Creator added that “focus on becoming 1% better each day and on building on that.

Gregor Areseb

Known as coach G, a sports performance coach and professional trainer who not only inspires his client’s physical strength but also their mental strength during his sessions.

Coach G’s wise words
The goal is to move, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Check your surroundings for weighted objects that you can use for barbells and dumbbells. You have NO EXCUSE!

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This is how you can stay in shape by trying out these workouts at home approved by personal trainer Gregor Areseb

Mountain climbers
Jumping jacks
Panks (high and low)
Pushups and squat jumps.

Consistency builds on itself and that is where your results lie. Keep showing up and honour your word to yourself.

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