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A glimpse of life, music and parenting: a D-Jay story

By Fredrick Buchane

Award-winning Namibian Hip hop artist Diogene Ochs, celebrated by his legion of fans as D-Jay has not seen it easy in the past ten years.

He has been juggling his trait with parenting, survival and trying to remain relevant to an otherwise fast forgetting hip hop audience.

Many have been swallowed by firm and fortune while others simply could not stay that long in this game, but alas he refuses to throw in the towel.

Giving us hits such as “Listen to your heart and Champion” the award-winning rapper has had time to reflect over his career throughout the years taking time out of the spotlight to focus on other skills and family. 

This week unwrap.online caught up with D-Jay to find out what he has been up to after taking a hiatus from the music game. 

He admits life outside the music industry is not all smooth sailing for Namibian artists as they are faced by many challenges. 

He said self-financing his own music has been a herculean task.

 “music is very expensive especially for us who have to pay for everything ourselves, ”he said. 

As if that is not enough D-Jay said it is also difficult to make a good profit while starting as the bulk of the production profits are creamed off by the record levels, much to the misery of the performers. 

 “That’s why most of us die broke entertaining the country, ” he said.

He believes that all he ever wanted was to inspire other artists and to see the Namibian flag raised at an international level. 

“I have been fighting with radio stations to play more local music, some even banned me from their stations for it, ” he said. 

D-Jay said the mixed fortunes in music has taught him that education is important and provides an income when all other doors are shut.

The rapper who has been silent for a while said as a father he would like to provide a good life for his children and not just for himself.

“During this lockdown, I’m spending time with my family I have all the time in the world to do housework paint and teach my kids the basics of life, ” he said. 

He added that “We won’t be young forever, you won’t shine forever, respect, loyalty and leadership is something we all need to make it in life”. 

From doing networking and establishing his skills in graphic design D-Jay says that this period has shown him that there is more to life than music.

The Listen to your heart hitmaker believes that as a Namibian artist there is no time for complacency even with a lack of sponsors for music and events the train should keep moving. 

He advises up and coming artists to keep chasing their dreams and not give up as the ride through a musical career is fun. 

“Don’t give up and always stay humble, don’t let the fame get to your head, help others because God blesses those who give a hand to those who are down, ” he said. 


Even after all the success brought by his previous projects, D-Jay says his favourite album is “Champion: The Gift and The Curse” which was released under DealDone records.

“I still listen to it and I hardly skip any songs on it, ” he said.


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