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A moment in the life of Monika Shafooli aka Diamond the Rude Gyal.

You are probably wondering what the tea is sorry, we serving winez this time around. The Rude Gyal spills it all on MoodInDaHood.

Many stories has been told and written about Monika Diamond in the past. Some stories where factual and others not so factual indeed. But before the glass winez are filled, the Kolokota hitmaker is set to drop two music videos very soon. She has been sharing through her Instagram the behind the scenes pictures of what you can expect from her videos. Diamond says “I’m a personality, I’m a visual artist and nobody does music videos like I do it”.

She continues by saying the shooting of the visuals was fantastic and it felt like she was in Maimi. Monika Diamond who was born in Zimbabwe in 1979 in exile, as a young child has always been an entertainer. “I would always sing and dance in front of my peers” she says. Creativity has always run through her veins as she comes from the background of artistic people.

The genre of music Monika Diamond makes is rather complex. The artist confidently explains in an interview she had with Black Pearl Worldwide on S1E02 of MoodInTheHood that she listens to a lot of dancelhall music. She always wanted to be different from everyone else. And her energy and spark is driven by Jamaican musican Patra, there’s also that Salt and Paper vibe from Monika Daimond.

Touching on her love life, Monika Shafooli has been married for 13 years now, What a wow isn’t it?.

“I’ve been married twice by white men yes, what black man can marry me” she asks. Monika got married when she was 18 years, got her first child at 21 years and moved to the UK afterwards. A lot of people have been assuming her life and what she’s up to daily, the confident woman says she likes Namibia people ” they think they know me but they got no idea” she says and that for her is perfect because she don’t have to worry about people coming after her and wanting to compete with her.

Apart from doing music, Monika Daimond Shafooli is a businesswoman venturing in Property. She owns five plots in Namibia and two in the UK. These side of her life she doesn’t share because she believe not every move you make in life is meant to be known. She says in the interview on MoodInTheHood Season 1 Episode 2 that she has always been street smart. Academics wasn’t her thing but business was and will always be. “Whether you’re street smart or academic smart the meeting point is in the bank” she adds.

Monika Daimond Shafooli has a out too, don’t hesitate click the link in her bio.

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