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A party with Namibia’s hip hop royalty at J Blacks one-man show

Here is all the tea on J Black’s upcoming one-man show on Saturday at the Kalahari Coffee and Jazz Cafe.


J Black has a treat for his fans as for once, the rapper says he will make it all about them at his upcoming one-man show. Even though the rapper will be joined on stage by various artists he featured, he insists that the one-man show means a lot for his brand and his loyal fans.

“It’s about time I stand on my own two feet and test the loyalty of my fan base, getting booked and performing all over is fun and all but every artist out there needs to know whether or not people are willing to come to see you live, and come for only you. I think this is a brave thing to do and no matter the outcome I can proudly say I DID IT,” says J Black.
According to him, the show will be approximately an hour long and it will not be a usual show. I got legends like Kwame Sankarra, KaniBal, D-Jay, and I got new Kings like Hoantami, PhredGot1, Marven Southgate, Heavy G, Riiku just to mention a few will be joining J Black on stage.


“It’s going to be 40 to 60 minutes on stage of my music, In my set I have a bunch of feature songs I did with other talented artists and we going to perform a few of them as well so it’s not just J Black on stage BUT if anybody is on stage then I’m most probably on the song as well,” he said.

J Black who has also partnered up with international franchise Panarottis says there are two songs on the set that is special to him and his fans which they can look forward to. “I personally have two songs I’m dying to perform, 1 is Paralyzed, I have never performed it before but some of my fans tell me it’s their best song from me. The second song I’m dying to do is a feature I did for Heavy G titled “Windhoek City”, we just recorded the song a week ago but I know it’s going to be a serious problem come summertime so performing it now gets me a bit hyped,” says J Black.


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