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A toast to all mothers

Johannes Orr

A mother remains one of the most celebrated species in the world and today Namibians join the rest of the world in celebrating lasting love from their mothers.

Here are some sentiments about mother’s day from Namibian personalities. 


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 “The day itself is important because of that special and global recognition for the sacrifice and energy it takes to be a mother. I’ll get her favorite food, dust the old vinyls and photo albums off so she can reminisce and just surround her with love.”  

Armando van Wyk 

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 “I wouldn’t refer to it as ‘important’, but rather a ‘special day’ picked out from the rest just to pay a little more attention to your mother, celebrate her and remind her of how much you appreciate her. I believe just spending the day with her will be a great surprise. Besides that, I’m planning a close family get together with some braai meat on the fire ” the model said that’s how he plans to celebrate Mother’s Day.

 Elago Shitaatala

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“Mother’s day is a vital day for me because mothers make us who we are”. The TV presenter furthermore said, “I am fortunate enough to have two mothers(A stepmother and a biological mother) both who have sacrificed so much, both who have instilled these traits in me a principled, God-fearing, educated, and respectful young woman. Every year I always do something special for my mothers but I will be spoiling them with gifts, ” 

 Mark Kariahuua

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“Mothers play an integral part in our lives and believe as nurturers and givers they should be respected.  I think her having an amazing son like me is being spoiled enough no? 😃 But I’m definitely going to surprise her with something major that she’s been looking forward to.”

 Xuro Milton

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 “Mother’s day reminds me of that one human being my mother, who loves me unconditionally. We have this thing where I am always the first one in the family to call her and wish her happy Mother’s Day and we end up speaking for hours.”


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