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Abed owes me N$ 1500 – Mabuzza

By Foibe Shahepa

Kwaito artist and actor, Mabuzza wants his money back from Kaboy Kamakili’s former manager Abed Jona, who recently jumped on board to promote Exit and Qonjas “Die hulle box” album.

He claims that Abed Jona robbed him of his money by delivering unprofessional work done on is artwork cover for a fee of N$1500 which made him end up taking his business elsewhere.

“When I tried calling regarding my artwork since I paid in full , he started insulting me and by that time he was in the north, from there Abed’s calls went unanswered. He maybe thought that he will never come to Windhoek and lately I just found out that he is around working on someone’s album that is were I started telling people to alert me wherever he is”, Mabuzza said.

He further noted that this is not something new and Abed has been ripping off people for a long time and still owes a lot of people.

Abed on the other hand did not deny payments made to him by Mabuzza and said that the artwork cover was done.

“What actually happened is that Mabuzza wanted something to be changed and without my concern he already released what I gave him initially and then at the end of the day he wanted to be refunded the whole amount after he used my work that I gave him”.

Mabuzza however refutes Abed’s statement and said that he will not get away with this and he will keep looking for him and wherever he finds him things won’t go well, unless he moves out of Windhoek.


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