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Abrizo releases Triple Threat Singles


Abraham Haimbodi, also known as Abrizo The Dirty Prey from Otjiwarongo, debuted his triple threat singles last week. This project is not an album or an EP, according to Haimbodi.

“We live in a singles era, and there are many ways to put one song to use. Three singles in one day presents a lot of hurdles and as an artist, you must always overcome them. I released three singles in one day as part of a live experiment,” he said.

The three singles are “Matukondjisa” a well-known phrase from Herero that translates to “We Are Trying” to go forward. His team and himself are putting in a lot of effort. “Okamini,” says Corner Store, a hangout spot for those involved in the struggle, which features Nigerian singer Zedicy That Gifted.

‘ Herero gyal’ is a personal vendetta in which he has always desired to date a Herero girl but has never done so, therefore the song just communicates that he still has that desire, which was created by Wizart his personal friend and producer . It’s dedicated to you if anyone can relate to this song.

Artists throughout the world are reacting to shutdowns by exchanging physical performance places for virtual ones, according to Haimbodi, who is also a member of the original NamFunkers duo, which was created in 2017.

“To retain our connection and make it work, let’s look outside the box and employ innovation. Because if we work together, we can achieve our goals,” he said.

Dropping three singles in a day as a NamFunk artist is a tactic or approach to gain an audience and he’s utilizing it for recognition because his prior highlights/milestones in his career didn’t get the attention they deserved.


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