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Adriano Visagie on Salute lessons

Salute the movie which has been airing around the country will be brought to Katutura tomorrow night at the Katutura Community Hall.

The movie portrays actor Adriano Visagie as Carlito, a young Namibian man who is sentenced to five years imprisonment because of fraud. Nothing can prepare him for his new life in custody. Naïve, he gets lured in the group of the General (Monray Garoeb), a dangerous criminal who rules over his cell.

unWrap.online caught up with Adriano on how playing the lead role in Salute has changed his perception of life and the social issues portrayed in the movie. According to the actor, the feedback from the fans has been overwhelming as he, on a daily receives comments in the form of messages on how the movie is.

“People refer to my character as a weak person but this was because he wasn’t street smart. It is interesting how people feel about the movie and it has been amazing,” he said.

The film was shot in prison where a cell was cleared for the production team and some of the inmates were used as extras.

“It was back to back shooting and we couldn’t take in cellphones. At one point you get in touch as a human and I realized that anybody can lend up in prison and we perhaps need to look at ways how families can look for closure. We should also look at means to provide an environment for inmates once they have left the correctional facility on how they can be accepted back in society and the issues of trust just to mention a few,” he said.

Adriano says he was privileged to work with the team he had as he learned a lot from each of them. The movie features Odile Gartze (winner best female actor in a film, NTFA 2017), Dawie Engelbrecht (winner best male actor in a film at the NTFA 2014), David Ndjavera (winner best male actor in a theatre production, NTFA 2012), Desmond Kamerika, Sakanombo Kasoma, Jeremiah Jeremiah, Dennis !Kharuchab and Bruno Caldeira. It was produced and directed by Philippe Talavera, with Bernd Curschmann as Director of photography, Haiko Boldt as editor (winner best editor at the NTFA 2014) and Wojtek Majewski for the post-production (winner best sound and post-production, NTFA 2107). Ponti Dikuua and Walter Kahivere A.K.A. Le Roi did the soundtrack, which includes title songs by Jericho and Michael Pulse. A CD of the soundtrack was also produced.

“I learned that one should not always look for the easiest way out. Secondly, don’t hold grudges. Life is too short. If you know someone in a correctional facility, go visit them because you are their only hope. Our justice system also needs to be relooked at. If someone steals a package of chocolate, they should not be put in a cell with criminals who have been there for long because they come out worse as much as it is rehabilitation,” he said.


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