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African Cobra is back for good with accolades and a gospel track

Whilst hosting Ousie Ebs stand up comedy, Stanley Mareka made some announcements!

After a good stay in Germany, Stanley Mareka is finally back home and this time, for good. The founder of Equip Dance Academy caught up with unwrap.online and shared his plans going forth.

Unwrap.online(U): Can you reflect on your stay in Germany?
Stanley Mareka (SM): My history to reach to Europe market was not easy. It started off as me going to Europe to get my A1 Language skills through the Goethe institute. I ended up scouting for dance universities and eventually I got in one although it was not easy at all due to funding and I also had to start off with the final year students. Changing worlds were never part of my agenda I’m used to perform and go back. I started competing in Lion King Productions in Hamburg Poland Talent vs Talent Tv Show just to mention a few .


U: You are also the fourth certified choreographer in Africa, what does this mean for you Namibia?
SM: I was the only African at the academy. I studied for International Licensed Corporate Activations and Contemporary Art.I am also selected from Namibia in Paris to be part of International Dance Council. For Namibia it means – through profession choreography and dancing we are recognized by European Body in Technical Jurisdictions and Means – Currently Namibia has someone that is upgraded with African and European technic to judge and one who can introduce artistically on live stages and can be trusted to judge high class events and choreograph international stars in movies or awards or can represent Namibia in conferences but my aim is to introduce Namibian culture through movement and theory but first I had to break into the market to be trusted by the market now I can share our own tribal dancing into the urban world.


U: How does it feel to be back and what are you looking forward to the most?
SM: I feel so great. My main aim is not just home but the fact that , I went to go study and back to my country to develop further. Life is not easy but the passion and believe is so strong that I want to accomplish what I started . I wanna give back the physical education and I want to exchange the knowledge and skills I learned.

U: You have also started your own genre. Have you always had a passion for music too?
SM: Music was always my passion but I wanted my dance to reach somewhere. God knows where. I promised myself to be disciplined till one day I get the chance. But something in me tells me now is the right time. I don’t follow trends I tried but I keep failing but when I do what I like in my capacity I succeed with high marks. I didn’t have money but somehow God keep saving me with ideas . I end up helping dancers to be follow the direction but it was has because the community influences were disturbing them . I studied physic practice, finances and managements my own to get what I wanted. I have released three singles Dancing Mic, Hold My Hand and Ama Jessu Wamie, the latest. It is just me giving back to the society and being thankful for the talent I have. I felt there is someone out there who struggles to follow their inabilities I wanna help them through music and dance. Ama Jessu Wamie is Gospel Jive. It’s different from the usual gospel music and the song is currently on Donlu Africa



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