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Alcohol and drug awareness campaign collaborates with Adora

One of the most influential leading females in the music industry Lilani Kisting aka Adora will be in Tsumeb! The songbird, Omcee entertainment and Dundee Precious Metals are to present the Foots of Recovery alcohol and drug awareness campaign to speak to pupils on alcohol and drug abuse.

The awareness campaign’s event is to take place at a local school’s hall named Francis Garton Primary School Hall, entrance will be free and Adora will be performing alongside artist like Skim Jive, upcoming artist Omcee and another local artist for high schools in Tsumeb. The aim of the campaign is to talk on matters of alcohol and drug abuse and how to combat them.

The event is targeting the teenage audience in hopes of providing the adolescences with much-needed advice and information, according to a recent post by the artist stated:

“Strictly for my High School Peeps. Grade 8-12s.Francis Garton Primary School Hall. After the Talk We give you Show, deal??” Starting time of the event will be 14h30 till 17h00″


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