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All roads lead to Keetmanshoop

All roads lead to the annual Nama Cultural Festival this weekend!

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The Nama people have launched a full-scale campaign to reclaim their dignity, culture, and language that were lost when the tribe was almost obliterated by imperial Germany during the 1904-08 genocide.
This year’s festival will be held under the theme ‘/Hao da ni’, which means ‘we will come together’ and will take place from tomorrow until 2 June at the Westdene Stadium in Keetmanshoop.

Many Nama people scattered across the diaspora will congregate at the town of Keetmanshoop this weekend, in the heart of the land of their forefathers who fled German onslaught in the early 1900s.
They will join the rest of their kinsmen during the three-day Nama festival where they will celebrate their distinctly rich cultural heritage under a unified umbrella as Nama people regardless of tribe, clan, religious or political affiliation.

During the event, several cultural activities, products, and entertainment will be offered in an effort to celebrate the Nama’s rich cultural heritage. Activities will include a gospel concert, a soccer match.
The key objective of the festival is to strive for unity, development and social cohesion within the Nama community as well as the broader Khoisan community.

Social media has gone abuzz with colorful attire that has been uploaded in the last few days by excited Namibians ready to go and share in this joyous occasion.

The festival is the offspring of the Nama Festival that took place in Botswana, Lokgwabe in August 2017, in which Namas in southern Africa, particularly from Namibia, Botswana and South Africa participated.


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