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An open letter to event organisers

Dear Namibian events organiser/promoters at large:

Most of the organisers of the event are too lazy to come up with their original concepts or events and most pf you people are just waiting for people to come up with their unique ideas so copy them and paste. Namibia is a small country and our population is very small. I’m therefore wholeheartedly calling all my fellow events organisers in Namibia to please start thinking your ideas but not just to sit down and wait for other people to think for you so you copy and paste.

Imagine having 1000 festivals both food, drinks, and cultural, isn’t that the same thing? And having 1000 sponsorship request letters of the same type of event concept in one region or town isn’t that confusing and a value decrease of events? How do you expect to get a sponsorship for 1000 the same type of events from one company?

If you are out of ideas and you can’t think of your events with your ideas please I advice you to get a hobby, you can not call your self an event planner/organiser when you can’t think of your events with your original ideas depending on the geographical region, weather condition of the area and natural disasters.

I am also wholeheartedly calling on the government to come up with a body that protects the names of events, brands and original owners the same way as NASCAM that protects musician’s arts and rights.

I’m also wholeheartedly calling on events promotors to unity and work together to host regional events rather than hosting individual events. We are making our events lose value and qualities because we only have the same different types of ideas of which some organisers copy from others. Sponsors are not coming on board because they are tired of the same types of sponsorship requests… Some people cannot even write their proposal they are still busy stealing other people’s proposals and make them their own.

Some companies are willing to sponsor community events out there but they cannot do it because we don’t want to think outside the box all we want is just to be spoonfed by others. Companies are fed up of reading the same types of ideas now and then.

You cant be a musician if you cant write your own words and make your song…The same way you cant is an event organiser of you can’t even do anything on your own. Please, let us make the best of 2020 let us change the r better. Let us unite for a better Namibia and the good of everyone.

I am wishing everyone of you the best of luck in every event you may be dealing with, push as much as you can. Let us make the change but let us stop copying.

Yours in marketing, promotions and events management.

I’m Jackson Felisberto Da Silva The founder and owner of GD EVENTS & PROMOTIONS CC a Namibian fully registered marketing, promotions, and events management company from Ondangwa Namibia.


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