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Andeline Wieland to set 2021 ablaze

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

After seven years in South Africa and completing her degrees in journalism and drama, personality and model Andeline Wieland has decided to move back to Namibia and start a fresh.

Speaking to unwrap.online, the beauty queen says that she moved here on a whim and followed love and also to kick start her career once more.

“I have signed up for voice acting, I’m also open to doing TV commercials and modelling, but nothing is set in stone, so for now I would love to build up my performing portfolio,”  she said.

Wieland also says that because of her background in drama and theater she would like to do a few on the stage as well as pitch and produce television show ideas and become a presenter.

The Bachelor SA contestant confirmed that she indeed had Covid-19 and recently just recovered from it.

“I just recovered from Covid-19, after being bed ridden for six weeks, I think people should take it seriously because I see people here walking around without masks,” she said.

Furthermore, she encourages people to be safe and avoid unnecessary spending especially in the time of the pandemic.

“I moved into a smaller apartment, and I’m running all my businesses from there. In this time you should really thank God for blessing, while Pep and Mr. Price are the best places to go shopping right now, buy veggies from the lady on the street, shop at cheaper places, or go hustle at second-hand stores and be healthy,”

“To stay heathy I drink my multi vitamins every day, also try excising and invest in close relationships. Covid-19 has taught me who my real friends are and who was there for clout,”

Wieland also encourages creatives not to be afraid to put themselves out there. “ Deliver a good service, be on time, do not disappoint people and go above and beyond to satisfy your customer, also make sure your produce is  of the best quality and great standard,” She concluded. 

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