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Artist Member sells merch to afford album release

By Penehafo Hangala

Getting to know Member, his thoughts on the industry and how he is making ends meet to achieve his dreams.

Raw is real and real is rare if you find it, harness it, real raw undiscovered talent is exactly what is found in this young man. Alfeus Patrisiu Remember (24) was born in Luderitz and raised in the streets of Oshakati where he got the name Member No stress.


Just like any other young person, he too started his passion for music at a young age in high school “Music is my life and a passion, if I can recall correctly I started music at an early age with friends when I was in grade five and that is where this unbreakable relationship started”.
When asked why he chose the music he said:” I didn’t choose the music it chose me, music has a weird way of hypnotizing you so you can dance to the rhythm of the beat and good music can make you forget all your worries,” says the bubbly artist.

Member is currently working on an album and without a manager, he is finding it difficult to finish it reasons being lack of funding.

“Daars zak nie viri studio, there’s no money for the studio, that’s why I started my clothing line called Nostress so I keep my dreams alive and push toward them to get my big break in the industry and keep working hard for me and my family and do right by them,” he says.

With great hits like oo Nangula noo Saara (Nangula and Saara) as well as Cinderella, Member has recorded about four tracks so far with different producers, Kwaito being the genre he makes his music in, gave him the opportunity to work with some great artists in the industry like pule from Nyangaz, but he hopes to work with a lot of artists in the near future.


Asked regarding his opinion on the media and how it has shaped his career he said “Media does give artists an opportunity to showcase their talents based on your marketing strategy yet this opportunity is only for those with connections in the industry as well as artists that already have enough coverage”, he added that “They really don’t pay any mind to us who are still at the bottom and are trying our level best to make ends meet and be heard”

His final words to all upcoming artists are to continue believing in themselves and have faith in their dreams.

“One day surely God will make a way for all of us, to my fans I know my struggle is small but please do continue to believe in me and what I bring to the industry, without your support I am nothing, but for now, the hustle continues, much love,” he concludes.


You can follow Member No stress on all social media platforms, on IG @MemberNostress, on Facebook @Member Nostress Manvanplan as well as on Twitter @member_nostress, wishing him all the best in his career, long live the hustle.


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