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Ashipala twins united in music

Priscilla Mukokobi 

An old adage, music is a mission, not a competition can not be more realistic than the union of Ashipala brothers of Don Kamati and DJ Oros. 

Both Don Kamati and DJ Oros believe their musical journeys were intertwined at birth. 

So close are the brothers that they believe their union in music is a soul tie that will unleash a wave on the Namibian music industry. 

“We loved music from an early age because we come from a family of music enthusiasts. Our grandfather was a choir mastermind and we inherited his love for music,” said the brothers. 

Having recently featured Yessonia on Bonnie and Clyde, dance hall singer Don Kamati and DJ Oros also confirmed that the Namibia music industry has evolved and their nine years of experience in music will allow them to keep their game. 

As If their music journey is not sufficient enough they have opened up a pizzeria in Windhoek. 

“There is light at the end of the entertainment industry and we are ready to take it further. We will also be giving back by being socially responsible we are ready to work with other artists and take Namibian talent to the world,” they said.


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