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Auguste Uutoni lives and breathes fitness

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Some Namibian individuals have in recent years made it a point to make fitness their daily bread and like many who start working out and taking care of their bodies, the results do pay off.

One such individual is social media influencer and fitness queen Auguste Uutoni who always makes it a point to look on point. Speaking to unWrap.online recently, she says that its empowering to see that the work she does to keep her body in shape is not only recognized by people around the country but outside the borders as well.

Apart from keeping herself fit, Untoni also doubles as a fitness trainer. “Seeing my own results and the results of my clients keeps me motivated, nothing looks good then a lady or man in good shape,” Uuntoni said.

She is currently still pursuing her degree in quantity surveying while still finding the time to work out and slay on social media.

“ I usually start my day off with a morning session at the gym at Fitcity gym to be precise, then later train my clients. After that, I update content on my social media page and do school work. This basically takes up the whole day,”Uutoni says.

Furthermore, Uuntoni who has been nominated for the Zinkomo African awards says that she does not entertain naysayers or people with negative energy towards her or what she posts on social media.

 “I personally do not know if I have haters or not as I do not engage in negative energy. However haters will always be there, whether you’re doing good or bad,”

In concussion,  said that getting fit is not an easy feat. “I’d like to encourage all the young, old and middle-aged women and men to never give up on what they set their minds to because it takes a lot of dedication, time and courage to get to achieve your goals. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in one day,” she concluded.


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