Night Under the Stars (NUTS) is on Friday 06 March, 19h00 beginning 2020 with Nasim – a soulful Namibian musician, singer and songwriter whom celebrates a multicultural background and draws from past experiences. Entrance is N$ 20 and refreshments will be available at the Goethe-Institut Namibia, located 1-5 Fidel Castro Street.

“My music is affected by my experiences and upbringing in Namibia. From the slang I speak
to the experiences my country has brought through school and university, certain songs I’ve
written could only be understood by Namibians,” said Nasim, whom is of Ethiopian and
Jordanian descent. She said with more than one cultural influence, it is not easy to classify
her music in the box of one genre. “For instance, I have worked on using the official language of Ethiopia, Ahmaric, in one of my songs and I hope to expand on that,” she said.


When asked what inspires her to write and determines the themes of her songs, Nasim
referred to only one thing. “My general inspiration is my faith. I’m a member of the Baha’i Faith, the latest of the 9 major world religions. It promotes unity and diversity, equality of men and women, and service amongst many principles,” she said. The lyrics of her songs are drawn from a place of pain and happiness that manifests in various ways: from songs about love, empowering individualism and melanin to promoting unity and embracing
personal beauty. She has written for other local musicians like Namibian Music Award Winner, Doris and featured on stage with the likes of Sean K, Ashwyn Mberi, Mel Mweri and Kalactive.

Nasim will be accompanied on stage by Ali, primarily on guitar, Ray on keys and bass, and
Emmanuel on guitar and djembe. “They’re going to shuffle, depending on the song and I have my beautiful back up vocalists, Tangeni and Vitore,” she said, adding the process of writing and producing a song depends a lot on the people around her. Nasim explained that most of the time, the moment is spontaneous.


“For instance, my friends and I have a natural
jam session from which something amazing comes out of, or my heart is overflowing with ideas that I must capture on paper or translate into strings on the guitar,” she said. Nasim advised songwriters and musicians to never write with what other people may think or have in their mind because this deflates your creativity.

“This edition of NUTS will feature a lot of my recently written songs that swing from being in our feels and amen-ing some truths to just having fun,” she said. Nasim noted that she
had always wanted to produce music that makes people happy and could help someone in


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