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How to get Get Rich in your town

Drop your town name today and get rapper Get Rich in a town near yours!

Sally loses Instagram account in hack

Another celebrity victimised in hack but this doesn't stop the business of the day for Sally Boss Madam!

Police not investigating Desert Summer Festival case

The Namibian police this afternoon said that they are not investigating a...

Stolen cash leads to artists nonpayment

Over N$ 120 000 money that was stolen lands event organisers in hot water with entertainers.

WATCH: Lioness starts off 2020 with BBC Africa interview

Its all about putting in the work 2020 and the queen of Namibian rap is leading the way! Consistency...

Warehouse Theatre to reopen next year

New year, new management, same culture! The Warehouse theatre is receiving financial assistance from all over the world....

Axue to be honoured at Old School Jive Concert

Concert organisers dedicate the first of its kind to the late Axue. Legendary musician Axue was supposed to...

Olevia Shipanga bags Miss Public Choice for Miss High School North 2019

Miss High School North awards Miss Public Choice Award 2019. Set to take place today at Ekamuti Lodge in...