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Beats by Big Ben for sale

Big Ben is offering amazing beats on his website that he has created for from over 15 years.

If you have always wanted to have a song or two produced by Big Ben then you are in great luck. The award artist added a segment on his Okinikini website which allows one to buy beats that he produced and never got the chance to use. Big Ben says he has beats that comes from 15 years ago available at an affordable price in different genres including Kwaito, Oviritje and Afro Pop just to name a few.

According to the producer, this is an opportunity to work with artists as well as to get rid of beats instead of them being left unused.

“I haven’t been keen on working with fellow artists due to the fact that I do not have a commercial studio to house them. The beats also include those that i made for myself and didn’t get to use as well as those i made for artists who never purchased them,” he says.

Big Ben also said that this is a way of him sharing music and the website will be a hub for both aspiring and established artists to reach him efficiently.

“Those who buy the beats are not allowed to alter the beats as I am the composure of the beats. So what you get is what you use unless you lengthen or shorten the beat,” he says.

All beats start at N$ 600 and once it is brought it is removed offline as the current cateloge has beats that have exclusive licences. In the future, Big Ben says he will look into selling non exclusive license beats. The genres available for purchase include Oviritje, Kwaito, afro beats and other that have elements infused to create unique sounds.

Big Ben urges music enthusiasts who are interested in buying beats from him to read the terms and conditions and well as the copyrights and credit rules.

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