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Becoming a good trader with Grand Capital

Grand Capital is a local brokerage firm with its mother company in Russia, that has been providing services for trading and investment in currency and derivatives markets since 2006. Over 14 years, the company has grown to a holding corporation that operates in 190 countries and speaks 15 languages, providing clients with the most advanced trading technologies.

An international recognition Grand Capital is a recipient of more than 20 awards from the professional community, including Best Forex Broker, Best ECN Broker, Best Trading Technologies, and a special award for Stability in Forex. This is definitive proof of reliable operation, as one of the best indicators of trust in a financial partner is stability and experience. For fifteen years our company has been providing services and carrying out all obligations to our clients. In December 2020 Grand Capital has received awards as Best African ECN/STP broker 2020 from Haimetu Photography and designs, Best Forex Broker in Namibia 2020 from New Creation Printing&Design, Best African Broker 2020 from Kamukundja Investment for the phenomenal achievement their companies have made through Grand Capital. Educating traders for free Grand Capital engages in educational activity as well, dispelling myths and prejudices about making money in financial markets.

We organize free training courses for traders, where edu-cate people about the mechanics of the market, rules of risk management and give them useful advice from practicing traders. “We are not some kind of financial guru who knows everything and makes mountains move. All we do is make people see the world in a way they didn’t think was possible, which enables them to take their destiny into their own hands and make money”, Goutam Das, the director of development in Africa says, “This is not only charitable but healthy for society as a whole”.So even in this economically difficult period, Grand Capital continues to do everything to ensure that clients have the opportunity to receive trading ad-vice from professionals in their region. Grand Capital Trading opportunities All the useful info for trading is available directly in the app.

Market analysis, economic calendar, online chat with tech support are at your disposal. To make sure you get only the most advanced services we work with such companies as Financial Commission, MetaQuotes, Serenity, UpTrader etc.

● ETF, CFDs for tradingThe broker provides six instruments of this category: GLD, VOO, IWM, QQQ, VEA, SCHD, and USO. How to make money with ETF, CFDs? Traders buy CFDs (contracts for difference) to speculate on their prices within the day without purchasing the actual asset. ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are used for long-term investments to diversify one’s funds and generate passive in-come. What would happen if we combine the two?

● ETF vs Stock Trading: What’s the difference The main difference of buying an ETF from buying stocks: even one ETF share is already a diversified portfolio. An owner of a single company’s stocks is dependent on its success. If the chosen company goes down, the shareholder loses all invested funds.The capital of ETF owners is more immune to risk. ETFs often include securities of a large number of companies (except for sever-al commodity ETFs like the American oil fund USO). In case of any problems, a decline in the price of one asset is compensated by the growth of the rest.

● ETF or Indices The composition of exchange-traded funds can be similar to indices: for instance, QQQ, Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1 is analogous to NASDAQ-100. However, ETFs may combine very diverse assets that never go together in classic instruments. Or, they can have only one underlying asset: for example, GLD (the ETF of SPDR Gold Trust) is a trust with 100% gold-backed stocks, from the company’s own reserves.

● RAMM Investment The cutting-edge copy trading platform RAMM — an automated system that allows newcomers to make huge profits by mirroring orders placed by professional traders — was highly appreciated by Sand&Away and earned Grand Capital the title of the best copy trading service provider in Africa.

“We are really grateful to Sand&Away for rating our work so highly! For the past three years, we have been engaged in educational activity across Africa with the focus on combating financial illiteracy, and now we’re very happy to see the positive feedback from both traders and experts”, says mr. Das.Become Partner of Grand Capital By 2021, representative offices of Grand Capital operate all over the world, the number of clients is approaching one million, and the average monthly turn-over is $2.5 billion.

And you can become part of the Grand Capital team with our web partnership program. It is possible for active Internet users to join an established business on favourable terms and without investments. It is the first level of partnership, it doesn’t require any special knowledge in financial markets. In order to start collaboration with our company, it is enough to run an online community (website, blog, forum, a social media group, etc.), through which you will attract clients. In this case, all the promotional material will be provided by the company. This type of partnership is designed in a way that lets you generate high rewards on par with serious partners of the company.

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