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Berthold kisses goodbye to a 20 year career

Is Berthold done with music after two decades?

After a solid 20 years in the music industry, coupled with trials and tribulations, people will not hear the scintillating voice from Berthold anymore.
Atleast after releasing his last offing this year.

But well is he really really throwing in the towel or it’s one of those marketing gimmicks to revive an otherwise challenging career?


This is the question doing the rounds after the ‘Tot Daar’ singer revealed that he will be resigning from music in a Facebook post.

He however preconized his illustrious music career saying that it has been fruitful and blessed.
Signing off with a “thank you” to his supporters Berthold also revealed a snippet of his plans. “I’m out to pursue greater things and I’ve always wanted the world to know my name and my music,” read the status.

The post has however been met with bewilderment from his friends and fans urging him to stay in the game. Nevertheless, Berthold has promised to avail his musical expertise on guiding and nurturing those who may need his help.
We wish him well as he embarks on his unorthodox journey.


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