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Big Ben has his two cents for the President

If Big Ben could have a minute with the president, this is what he would say.

Rarely do you get celebrities worse still musicians weighing in on national discourse but not so for Big Ben who has his two cents of advice to President Hage Geingob to fix the mess the country in.
The popular musician took to micron logging site Twitter to vent his anger on the President’s failure to fix the challenges in the country.

“If they could just do 50% of what is expected, Namibians would beg happy. I have some ideas but I am not sure how to get them to you. Please advice” he tweeted

A plethora of problems including youth unemployment, corruption and deteriorating health facilities has seen President Geingob being slammed for not calling out ministers on their incompetence, during the first cabinet meeting of the year.

In his speech, President Geingob appealed to his ministers to stop publicly contradicting decisions taken by cabinet and to instead defend such decisions. He further went on to assure the nation of a downsizes of the cabinet during his second term without divulging much on the cuts.


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