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Big Ben stalked by crazy fan files complaint with the police

There is a line between being an admirer and being a stalker. This is one case that gives us the creeps!

Sometimes, fans get overboard and cross the line between liking a star and being crazily obsessed with them. Namibian musician who is not liking the attention at all is Big Ben as he has had enough and sought enforcers assistance. It is kind of upsetting given the fact that Big Ben is one of the few artists who is very private and has managed to keep his brand clean just to go through this.

According to reports seen by unWrap.online, the stalking has been going on since 2015. The lady in question has been in no mood to give up the idea of not being with Big Ben and would send the Ovombo singer over 20 text messages in a day. Big Ben last week took a print out of over 2000 texts from a number saved as Nandeekua Block The Crazy to the police station which had contents such as

“stop looking for problems..stop diverting my number” “ don’t, changing cars will not help anything just know,” , “I will deal with that b*@ch in your car,” “early Monday morning from where,” and “why do you keep playing with me,” just to mention a few.

Big Ben who was reluctant to give any information as he did not want to expose the person in question has been frequenting the police reporting the issue but there was nothing to be done as he was not in any dangerous predicament until the latest messages from his stalker that read “”if you want to kill me nobody can kill me”. He further said that he had received messages in which the stalker had threatened women in his company.

“This would make any women stay away from me due to such threats and that affects me. I reported this to the police just to keep my side clean and not to expose the woman. Some of her messages imply that she is danger from me and that this would one day get me into trouble. From the messages, I think she is not well mentally and emotionally and she needs help. But I need to protect myself and get peace of mind. Namibia must take mental health seriously,” said the distraught singer.

Big Ben said that the police have been very helpful in understanding his complaints and have helped him with options to further actions. In his report, he asked the police to find the suspect and warn her to stop harassing him.

Fans have every right to connect with celebs but it cannot turn into stalking and invading someone’s personal space.


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