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Big Ben to host winter bonfire concerts

By: Dalene Kooper

Commencing his first winter concert that was aimed at raising funds for the fairly new Vocational Training Institution (NAMVOC) in Okakarara, Big Ben gave yet another thrilling performance at the Okakarara Trade fair on the 1st of May.

The multi-award-winning artist arrived in Okakarara escorted by the massive Eenghoshi bikers club parading through the streets. The bikers and multi-disciplinary artists and member of PDK, Patrick Mwashindange, all traveled to show support to Big Ben.

Big Ben and Patrick have been seen supporting each other’s events, as Big Ben says his relationship with Patrick got people asking questions about their supportive relationship.
Amongst the local supporters, the public also saw the Okakarara town Mayor, Her Worship, Olga Tjiurutue.

These family-friendly concerts will be held throughout winter where people will sit around fires, listen to music and storytelling, dance, eat and drink. Big Ben requests for event promoters and interested persons to contact him to host similar events across the country within the next three months.


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