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Big Ben’s big virtual moment

Mona Sambo

A reminder of how just how excellent music is that has come out of Namibia and why we need to appreciate it more.

Big Ben in collaboration with Goethe Institut, presented us with good music in a Facebook live stream concert.
The concert that started at 7 pm had over 8000 people from all over the world tuned in and ended with about 133 shares and 1,802 comments. Once again, this was a reminder of just how great Namibian music is!

The show aimed to entertain lovers of good music during the lockdown we are experiencing due to the pandemic and take us on a journey through the hits of the musician, composer and producer, considered one of the best in Namibia.

“The only way to keep people in their living rooms, is to take entertainment straight into their space and hold them captive”, said Ben.

Interaction with the public was not lacking, because an environment that took us on a journey to our childhood was created, counting on a bonfire in the middle of the scene.

The performance was interspersed between the songs and the response of comments from people who followed, thus resulting in many specific music requests. Big hits like Jukebox, Ndjiisira, Makutu Tuma, Vakuru and many others, were played in the company of his drummer Fernando ‘The drum king’ and his pianist John Kassinda.

Ben told how he is handling the current situation, like the fact that it’s being hard for him not to travel and going around like he was used to, but that he has used his free time to do things he did not do before.

With a new album out, Ben said he is also taking this free time to make more music, guaranteed us a show after the lockdown and even told how he has protected himself from the virus following medical guidelines

It is undeniable that this time has also been difficult for Namibian creatives, as Ben said in one of his posts on his Instagram personal profile targeting local radio stations, stating the following: 

“I beg you to play local music and entertainment content. More loyalties would be paid out to more local writers and musicians when you play more local music. Please help feed your local creatives during these hard times … We need to stay together and care for each other”.

This was certainly the type of event that for a long time, many have been waiting for because it brought a good moment of union that spread around the world, taking traditional Namibian music with that modern touch to the ears of those who were there.

Remember, stay home, stay safe.


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