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Breaking stereotypes with humor

Check now check now! You can learn one or two things from Sira Djavar!

He rose to fame by shooting a video to prove a point that securities also have money. The much adorned Rubicon Security Services Sira Djavar has since become well known on social mediums with more videos of him eating hungry lion, showing how best of a life he is living off his salary as a security guard. He has also made video clips him and his colleagues sipping some tea which costs N$15 in the morning once again showing that securities too can afford to what some see as a luxury.

What is the point to take away from Sira Djavar? In several of his videos, the Tsumeb based security guard says that one should be proud of who they are and the catch is in knowing how to budget and save money whether one earns despite their salary. Security guards are much looked down by society and are seen to be at the bottom of the barrel however Sira Djavar goes to show that while they keep people and organisations safe, they are also human beings who can afford to have a good life, eat well and dress like those who disregard them.

The rising star has mentioned a couple of times on his social media platforms that he didn’t expect to rise to fame but he does appreciate the love he receives from the public.

Many have praised him saying he is instilling confidence and pride in people to be proud of their jobs and lifestyles. Sira Djavar who says he has no educational background says he is proud of being a security guard as he is not stealing and every month end his phone notifies him that his salary is in his account. He has also mentioned in various of his videos that he loves his job at Rubicon Security Services so much he does not wish to be anything else.


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