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Buy Kapana In Town with sanitary towels on friday

How about giving back whilst enjoying your favourite meal!

Kapana In Town traders have decided to come up with an initiative that allows one to enjoy their favourite meal of kapana and in the process, giving back to the community. How you may ask? Well, all one does is purchase sanitary towels equivalent to the amount of kapana you would like to buy however, it should be a minimum of N$ 30.

The initiative is aimed at being a monthly exercise and will start this Friday at the Kapana In Town, in Wernhil taxi rank from 13H30 to 14H30.

The initiative has been praised on social media with Namibians saying it is a great project which many are willing to support.

The much loved Namibian meat that one eats straight off the braaing stand has been strategically stationed to be close to the people, relieving them from the distance to Single Quarters, say the owners. 

Having started business in February this year, the two students Efraim and Fox Ne who came up with the idea said the purpose of the business is to pay their tuition fees and give people what they want when they want it. 

The kapana starts selling from N$ 30 which is really a lot. As if that’s not enough, the business owners also deliver around which, which has been testified to be an instant delivery. Should you make a stop by on Friday, don’t forget your proof of purchase for the sanitary towels as it is the only way to determine the amount of kapana you will get!



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