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Cassidy Karon on being Katutura’s Favourite Son

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

The ever-luminous entrepreneur, creative director, fashion designer and musician, Cassidy Karon, has come out of the woodworks to present his latest album entitled ‘Katutura’s Favourite Son’ (KFS), which is set to be released on 28 September.

Speaking to unWrap.online this week, Karon says that KFS will be his best work yet because now he is sure of who he is right now and is no longer the shadow of the music group, ‘Paradox’, which he shares with Toufi Ekanjo.

“With my first solo project (80’s Mercedes), I was still under the shadow of Paradox. The first project was not very focused as it had a mixture of genres. I did not know whether people were going to award me with the same respect as a solo artist. I was still unsure about who I was, what my sound should be and what I stood for.

He says that conceptually, KFS means that he is 100% a son of the soil. “I want to identify as Katutura, and not just as a superstar. Visually, I look just like a normal working man, like a plumber or a construction worker and people will see that through my photos and videos,”
“I want to shine light, not only on the bad things about Katutura, but also the promise, on the potential, brilliance and creativity. I want to create a universe where Katutura is viewed as a reference to Wakanda, while I embrace the role of The Black Panther; where we are all heroes, not just me,” he said.

The ‘Awe’ hitmaker says that because of all the social-economic situations in Katutura, most people see it as a bad place, but he wants to change that narrative with KFS. “Thus, with this project, I want to show that we are the real heroes, we are the one’s who wake up and go hustle to make it out. Another thing is that the businesses in Katutura need a light shone on them. We buy everything except our own brands; so, I plan on working and shooting in local shops and places,” Karon added.

Furthermore, he says that although he can’t say too much about who he worked with on the project, Karon will definitely be fusing his // Concept clothing brand with the album.
“I did take some time off to focus on my family, my mental health and to spend time at home in order to be in a better space to better plan for the future. Doing the project during the pandemic was also really difficult because there was a psychological warfare happening and over the past two years, people were being hit with depression in all forms.”

“I’m still fighting a few challenges, but I know I have overcome a few in order to be a better person so I can be a better artist and tell a better story. However, financially, we all went through it but it boiled down to how much you want to be an artist, in the absence of major shows or awards. When making music or making money, you find ways to communicate better, because not everything is incentivized anymore. So now, it’s more of building relationships and creating something wonderful than deciding on different business opportunities,” he said.

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