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Cassidy Karon’s, ‘Awe’ chosen to be theme song for the MTC NFA Cup

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Cassidy Karon’s, hit song ‘Awe’ has been chosen to be MTC’s official theme song for the MTC NFA Cup.

The ‘Concept’ clothing line creator says that he is honored that the Telecommunication giant chose his song as the theme song, which he says will be played at every game and on every MTC NFA CUP advert. “The industry needs money to grow and I think it’s the first time for a song to be celebrated like this in football since Jericho’s ‘He Ta Pa Te’ made it as one of the Premier League theme songs,” he said

Cassidy also added that this is an opportunity for kids to see that one can make it through music. “We have very few role models in the music industry that little kids can actually look up to and because of the level of success that can be obtained with help like this from corporate,” he said.

Cassidy went on to say that it is very important for an artist to generate income like that. “If one artist gets paid, it then positions that artist to help circulate the money within the industry,”

The ‘Awe’ hit make made it a point to say that it depends on how one handles his or her brand that will make it attractive for corporates to buy into their product or align themselves with the artist.

“ Its more about your product and how the whole package plays a role. You also need to be able to place yourself, be professional and deliver. This is all basic, but you need to be intentional with what you create,” Karon said.

He added that the song will be exclusively for the MTC NFA Cup and won’t be commercially available.

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