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Chelsi Shikongo speaks on own modeling agency and workshop

Are you ready to sacrifice what you believe in for what you love? renowned model Chelsi narrates on why she is hosting her workshop and how models will benefit from it.

As a model myself, what I’m trying to get across to future models is the challenges they are likely to face in the modeling industry as well as the benefits and dangers that come with the job. I will also be briefing them on the type of life one could live when they become successful models. With this workshop, I will be educating the upcoming models with tips and methods as well as procedures one has to follow in becoming a successful model, how to cut through the industry is as well as having work ethic consistency and commitment in the modeling industry. Every time I go out to the world, I observe and learn and try to bring back information to Namibian models to avoid them getting confused.

My guest speakers will be Beauty Pageant Mogul Bobby Kanjosa, Santa Petrus an Entrepreneur and Plus Size model, Ebba John an influencer as well as an entrepreneur, as well as Projextkk girls a mixed race modeling agency just to name a few. The reason why I chose these amazing human beings as my panelists personally, I believe they’re best at what their doing and a large number of people in Namibia look up to them. It will be so amazing bringing them all together so that we can all learn from each other as individuals and for upcoming models to see what direction they want to venture in be it pageantry, runway model or promo girl just to name a few. There are no requirements needed to attend this workshop plus all genders are welcomed.

What’s going to set my workshop apart from the previously held workshop in Windhoek, Namibia is the fact that I’m the first International model of Namibia who will be sharing her journey with everyone and how far I’ve made it as a model. A young girl from a small town groomed and scouted to representing myself as brand Namibia on international platforms, South Africa and Europe just to name a few.


Hopefully, in the near future, I will be branching out and holding similar workshops in different towns in Namibia. What’s kind of holding me back a little, is my tight schedules so I can’t really set out dates for it to happen. One good news I have is that I will officially start my modeling academy called The Chelsi Shikongo Modeling Academy in the coastal town of Walvis Bay. It will officially start on the 20th of July 2019.

I will be talking a lot about signing contracts because not knowing, a contract can make or break your life for everyone who’s in the entertainment industry.
So whether you a DJ or hair styling just to mention a few, please do come through to the workshop.

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