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Chris Wayne the super producer

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Being a mainstream producer in Namibia is such a rarity that one or two good producers grace us with their magic once every ten years or so. One such paradox is none other than Chris Wayne, who has been behind many an artist that are now household names and some veterans who equally want to keep their head in the game.

Since his mainstream success, Chris Wayne has produced records for some of the heavy hitters of Namibian music which include, KP Illest, Skrypt, Exit, Samuele, DJ Kboz, Sally Boss Madam, King Tee Dee, Don Kamati and Toufi (one half of the hip hop duo Paradox).

Chris Wayne say told unWrap.online that his brother Obie Major introduced him to FL studio and the rest as they say it, is history.

“I played around with it and actually had to put a lot of hours in it on a daily and as years went by, I then started to compare my work to other mainstream producers work and I realized I was actually on the right path,” he said.

Asked what the secret to his ongoing success is, he brushed it off and said that there isn’t one.

“I would rather call it a gift that you are born with. My motivation is simply me! I am all about growth and elevation, I push myself every day to make a different impact and to elevate our industry to an internationally competitive level not just local that’s what keeps me busy every day because there is a goal to achieve,” he added.

He gave his two cents on the local music industry saying that there are many legends who paved the way for someone like him to rise through the ranks and become who he is today.

“I personally feel as an industry there is so much talent we are doing amazing locally and it is time to push the bar internationally I think we have proven to our Namibians that we can make them dance to local tunes it is time we gain international traction,” Chris Wayne said.

Moreover, he has been working on his own project entitled ‘Anomaly’, but being the perfectionist that he is the project is currently postponed.

“Anything I drop must represent my brand and the entire Namibian music industry, so there is no room for mistakes. Some of us honour and respect the craft so we are still growing with the sound we are trying to push but for now just more singles for me,” he said.

His latest work includes a banger of a single by Don Kamati and DJ Kboz entitled ‘Maspenda’. ‘We booked a studio session at DJ Vuyo’s studio and we met up with Kboz and as soon as he heard the beat we all started vibing. I had so much fun working with two professionals and everything was just so easy and the fact that Kboz took a verse made it more interesting memorable moments indeed am glad I got a chance to work with the best in the game,” Chris Wayne said. Maspenda is available for download on Donluafrica.com


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