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Comedian Tapiwa Makaza to co-host Miss Namibia’s first round

Never take your work lightly because you don’t know who is in the crowd watching you. For Tapiwa Makaza, it was his next employer!

The one night where we get to see who is the fairest of them all is soon dawning upon us as information with regards to Miss Namibia 2019 is slowly emerging. One thing we are super excited is the fact that a super funny and talented young man will take the spot if hosting the show. Yes, that is right, comedian Tapiwa Makaza will be hosting the first round of Miss Namibia on 8 June at the home of the beauty pageant, the Country Club and Resort.

The first round will consist of the 30 contestants who will be announced as of 17 May showcasing themselves and as the night goes on, Hermien Elago will take over and eventually the two will announce the top 12. From the chats going around, it seems like it will be a night full of glamour and suspense as for once, things are being done differently compared to the previous years.

Tapiwa Makaza says he is very excited to be hosting the event as it has been a goal of his for the longest time. The comedian who recently returned from Durban with work was also thrilled at the fact that mainstream events such as Miss Namibia are in the forefront of breaking the tradition of comedians only having gigs that are of this magnitude.

“I got a call from the organizers who saw my MC work at the Lifestyle Expo recently and the rest is history. It is wonderful because comedians don’t get mainstream hosting gigs in Namibia like in the States where comedians host events like The Oscars (Chris Rock), Miss Universe (Steve Harvey), MTV Awards (Kevin Hart) – in Namibia we always go with the clean-cut, script-reading presenter types but never spice it up by having sophisticated comedians who know the balance between MCing and telling suitable jokes for formal events to host these major mainstream events,” he said.


More information with regards to the show is yet to be announced. For more information, keep an eye on Miss Namibia’s social media pages for updates.


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