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Comedy Vs Corona according to Courage

By Foibe Shahepa

While the entire entertainment industry is on the brink of completely shutting down, comics are dealing with a peculiar, but the devastating situation.

Unlike music, stand-up comedy requires live feedback, but for Free Your Mind expert comedian, Courage the Comedian, the coronavirus pandemic has been no laughing matter – in more ways than one. 

According to Courage, comedians had to find alternative ways of making money online.

 “It’s time we find a way to monetize online shows, it’s time to join forces on a higher scale with corporates and create content that can be viewed from the comfort of people’s houses,” he said.

He also mentioned that most comedians had to find new ways of performing, including using their social media platforms such as Instagram to sustain themselves.

The comic who was regularly gracing the Free Your Mind stage, says after a quiet year, they hope that they go back to their normal routine, however, it seems like they are in for season two of the pandemic and that its high time they really think outside the box. He told unwrap.online amid the pandemic, he is planning to do big things. 

“It is time to put fear aside and show the world why I was named Courage. This is the year I unleash my full creative potential,” he concluded.


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