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Cool facts about Vikta Juiceboy’s new video Ghost Rider

His first video is out and here is what you didn’t know about it!

Yesterday singer Vikta Juiceboy dropped his visuals for his song off his album Bless Up. Not only has he as an artist impressed his fans but his hard work and dedication have enthralled people who believe his art needs to be out there by all means. The video was released mid-afternoon yesterday and has impressively been doing well in terms of hype and views as it is currently sitting on 4.1K.

The video offers nothing but a soothing church vibe flow, this could be because of its location. It starts off nice enough, the clip and song with the singer laying on the floor with a bottle in his hands uttering the Christian doctrine of Trinity and the lovely rhythms and guitar. And then boom! Hold on to your edges, it gets real and deep.

Vikta Juiceboy with his ‘alcoholic’ problems stand up, heads to the altar and it begins, happy people including artist TK The Rapper filled the church doing the most in the background. Although curiously, none of the crowd or churchgoers are seemingly touched by the fact that they are literally lit in the four corners of the holy place. Either way, call it a reality or a wish, we love the creative boundaries pushed by Vikta Juiceboy and Sodo. You will have to watch the rest of the video on YouTube.

Here are a few facts worth knowing about the video

The video was sponsored by ML
One of the coolest facts about the video is that musician ML sponsored Vikta Juiceboy by handling some of the fees with the project merely because he is hardworking! It is indeed true that one should always slave away because you never know who is watching and what they will do. ML says she loves the visuals as they match the energy in the song. She did, however, say that she would look into helping out another deserving up and coming artist who has a promising career. Vikta Juiceboy said that he is humbled by her generosity and that he will forever be grateful. The two have a song together titled These Beats which is doing great locally and internationally on music channels

It was shot in the German Christ Church
The video was shot in an actual church the Christuskirche and if you have ever wondered what the insides of one of the historic landscapes that define Windhoek, watch the video right now. According to Vikta Juiceboy, he opted for the church because it is one of the fanciest churches in Windhoek. The Christuskirche is a historic landmark and Lutheran church in Windhoek, Namibia, designed by architect Gottlieb Redecker .

It was actual alcohol used in the video

Vikta Juiceboy took to his Instagram account and spilled the tea! according to a post he shared, he actually took alcohol in the church for the video. The singer shared a picture from one of the scenes with the caption: Took a GIN bottle to church, drank it and took pictures! okay now Vikta! We see you!

It is inspired by Joyner Lucas’s Devils Work
Believe it or not, well you actually will believe it if you have seen Devils Work, that Vikta’s song draws inspiration from it. He says he had the concept of the visuals and ran them past his dear friend and fellow artist TK The Rapper who referred him to Lucas’ work. The similarities are clearly visible on Ghost Rider, from the shots to the props.

If you still haven’t watched the video, head over to YouTube right now!


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