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Cool Styles on music, politics and teaching

Pricilla Mukokobi

High School teacher, musician and video producer Cool Styles is back in the studio after a long haitas and is also eyeing political office in the forthcoming November elections.

The musician who has not been in the charts for sometime said aside from music he has also been concertrating on helping other artist.

“I have not been quiet it is just that I have a music recording and video production studio, so I have been more on producing music video for other artists and help promote their music.” He said.

He also added that he has been trying to balance between his professional life in teaching and his music aspirations.

“This is because I’m not doing music completely for a living since I happen to be a high school science teacher for the past 19 years now I have been a teacher and that’s where I have been making a living from.” He said.

While many looks at music as a lifetime, Cool Styles believes it is just his medium to society and motivate to people.

life to look at life from a positive perspective.”
“I’m currently working on another album which was suppose to be released later this year, if not then will be out next year,but this one is more gospel, not beats but the message in the songs are gospel nature.” he said.

He also added that, “I’m now a grown man and I joined politics so I’m currently busy working on my political ambitions as a candidate for the Katima Mulilo Urban constituency coming up this November. I wanted to contest for local authorities to be a major of Katima Mulilo town council but I can’t qualify for contesting for local authorities because I was suppose to have been in Katima Mulilo for 12 months, ” he said.


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