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Corporates and SMEs pull out for winning team

BY: Wilka Kayoko

Not too long after silver medalist Christine Mbomba, Beatrice Massilingi, and Coach Henk Botha completed their evening of unexpected victory for Namibia, Namibian corporates, organisations, businesses, and entrepreneurs set out with great pride and enthusiasm to pledge congratulatory gifts and offers to the victorious Namibian team to express and demonstrate their pride.

“Our Olympic heroes move with the same incredible energy that drives #NamibianPride forward”

As a gesture of Pride, petroleum company Namcor will be awarding the trio, a brand new Toyota Fortuner as well as fuel costs for the next three years.

MTC sponsored N$2 million to the team, which included brand new iPhone 12s valued at N$24 000 each, while all three will receive airtime of N$36 000 per year, N$100 000 per year for personal upkeep and expenses over the next three years, and N$250 000 per year for preparation costs over the next three years so that they can prepare well prior to the competition.

FNB has recently pledged to put N$100,000 into Mboma’s, N$80,000 into Masilingi’s, and N$80,000 into Botha’s FNB savings account to help them advance in their careers.

Financial institutions and advisors, such as SA Consultants and Insurance, seized the opportunity to provide free financial planning services to the girls.

Furthermore, good health is true wealth, and a bright smile is the kindest way to express love. For the next two years, HB Dental Practice, as well as Ismile Dental Practice, will provide dental examinations and dental hygiene visits to the team.

In terms of appearance, the girls won’t have to worry about how they look as they will be dressed in Zuriel’s “inclusive and not limited to sport, casual, and evening wear” as well as Proud’s “sweat suit jumpers.” As if that isn’t enough, cosmetologists and beauticians of all kinds jumped in to offer face beats, facial and body products, manicures and pedicures at their leisure, including Toni Did It, Touched by Suama, Chrisla Essentials, and Defined Glamour, to name a few.

Meanwhile, car retailer Indongo Toyota issued a statement condemning the false tweets circulating in which they offered to give each of the young girls a Toyota Corolla.

” The statement is not true and came from an account created by an unknown alias on Twitter.”, the statement read.



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