Home News Creating a safe transport haven for women with DJ Khadijah

Creating a safe transport haven for women with DJ Khadijah

Wilka Kayoko

DJ, model, actress and entrepreneur Khadijah Mouton has launched her female-only taxi business. Dubbed ‘Wheels on Heels’ the initiative was launched due to the current gut-wrenching social status of women in the country.

Women of all ages live in constant fear of brutal violation for being female, especially when using public transportation which is male dominated.
It was against this idea that Mouton took passion and eager to destroy the stereotypes of men in the transport industry and create a safe space for women in it.

“My vision is to significantly enter this male dominated industry and make a statement while doing it. I’d like to empower women and give them a piece of mind. We [women] need to take up space and there is no reason why we can’t take up 50 percent of this industry. There is not enough importance being placed on the fear women live with everyday,” she said.

To make use of the services women have the option of calling and providing their location information or send it via WhatsApp. The business operates at night which is the most vulnerable time, between 7pm to 5am for N$80 per trip around Windhoek.

“This is to break even and considering the time in which we operate. This amount covers the cost of petrol as well as labour and time,” said mouton.

She further highlighted that economically women have the largest buying power, yet their existence is being treated as insignificant. Corporate institutions have not made impactful decisions regarding the numerous headlines of gender based violence, although women have the greatest influence on their businesses and country’s economic growth as a whole.

“The end goal is for this service to be available to all income levels and to make a great impact on society. I have a dream of seeing pink Dankie Botswanas on the road that are designated only for females with female drivers that have the same cost as the average taxi on the market,” she concluded.


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