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Creatives still left to eat dust by Covid-19 regulations

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

As the second wave of the pandemic continues to worsen, many in the creative industry face a grim future as Covid-19 pandemic continues to threaten their livelihoods. The minister of health and social services Kalumbi Shangula yesterday announced new measures to be taken to combat the deadly disease but however, affect the income of creatives.

The measures include public gatherings to be limited to 50 people that should not exceed two hours or go beyond 20:00 and must have a register. Shilumbi further announced that the national curfew is from 21:00 to 04:00. Chairperson of the National Arts Council (NAC), Patrick Sam in an interview with unwrap.online said that people and politicians put resources including money into things they value.

“The combination of saving lives and livelihoods is a paradigm that many decision-makers don’t grasp. So our society is not having an honest conversation with ourselves, either we don’t value artists and therefore we don’t support them or we do value artists and we choose to exploit them,” Sam said.

He added that as the chairperson of the NAC, he values artists and supports them. “I work towards the vision I have about how art is fundamental for human development. In 2021 we need artists and art activist to come together and sensitize the people with the power and money to invest in human creativity,” he continued.

Furthermore, Sam believes that artists should produce work that is inspiring and that connects communities and positions them as artists both locally and globally. “Make art for the people that know your story so they love you and want to invest in you. Someone saying that they like your song is not the same as someone paying for your song. Know the difference and make the art and monetize and market,” he said.

Coronavirus disease cells in 3D

Although some artists have received funding from the NAC, most still depend on live shows, exhibitions, festivals and many other revenue streams that are not likely to resume any time soon.

Some creatives have taken online, urging their fans and followers to adhere to the regulations to help keep Covid-19 at bay and hopefully have gatherings to celebrate arts once again with ease.


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