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Designer Miles Meroro on Bonnie and Clyde wardrobe  

By Emilie Shimbali

Renowned designer Miles Meroro recently scored a one of a kind deal, to do wardrobe for one of the best visuals dropped. Depicting his journey, the designer said he spent everything extra from time, effort, patience, planning and a little more pulling out of the wallet to meet Yessonia’s happiness and satisfaction for his client, singer Yessonia. 

Having started his artwork a year ago, Meroro loves creating what no one else wants to or can. Speaking on the project of Bonnie and Clyde as well as Yessonia’s birthday celebrations, he made sure that she was the star of the show, adorned in the best of fabrics that took a while to perfect.

“I had sleepless nights making sure that everything was being made to perfection from the tiniest of details such as accessories on the dress to hair, make-up and shoes. Yessonia approached me with a concept which allowed me as a creative to conceptualize, visualize and manipulate every element needed to her liking,” he said.

The fashion creative who owns the brand Majesty says for quality output says he aims to always break the social norm by searching for uniqueness extra pop of style. 

“I like taking fashion risks and everything distinct that’s why I like to work with individuals who don’t mind breaking away from the social norm. I am very diverse when it comes to what I create from street style costumes to high-end clothing just to have something different from everyone else.


Although he is self-taught, Miles has worked with few individuals such as Juin Malachi, who saw potential in his work and opted to guide him until where he is today. To date, he has dressed clients including Lioness, DJ Castro, Top Cheri and Luis Munana to mention a few.



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