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Dillish asking the tough questions

Dillish Mathews asks fans why they follow her.

Namibia’s diamond and Big Brother Africa 8 winner Dillish Mathews is an icon for several reasons. She is a businesswoman who owns several running businesses, she’s an actress, ambassador to some of the biggest brands including Nivea and the list is endless. All we know for sure is when Dillish Mathews enters a room it will be hard not to notice the cover girl.


Currently, Mathews has one of the biggest followings on Instagram in Namibia of 625K and is well on her way to have those numbers increase. Fans adores the entrepreneur and it even baffles Mathews as to why.

So, to answer the haunting question the star went on her Instagram to ask her followers, where they are from and why they follow her, thus far Mathews has gained more than 600 responses.


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