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DJ Ambizzy sues Birdie ‘Desmond Shipanga’

Jeoffrey Mukubi

Nicodemus Ambambi Alweendo known to many by his alias DJ Ambizzy has decided to sue Desmond ‘Birdie’ Shipanga to the tune of N$ 300 000 for his recent discriminatory and hurtful comments on  one of DJ Ambizzy’s Instagram posts. 

In a letter issued by Nambili Mhata Legal Practitioners, DJ Ambizzy is demanding NS 150 000 for himself and another N$ 150,000 for the Namibia Albino Association. As well as an unreserved apology to DJ Ambizzy and to the Namibia Albino Association and any person living with albinism who may wrongfully, hurtfully and hatefully come into contact with Shipanga’s Instagram utterances. 

“In and as a result of your hateful, hurtful and injurious statements to our client, our client has suffered damages to his dignity and self-worth and you are liable under the action iniuriarum in the amount of NS 300,000, which damages you are liable to pay,” the letter read.

It also states that Birdies should adhere to the demands by 26 April 2021 or he will ultimately face the full wrath of the law. “Should you fail and or neglect and/or refuse to heed this demand, we hold instructions to institute legal action against you in the High Court of Namibia, which legal costs you will be held liable for at a punitive scale, and our client will further proceed to press criminal charges against you for crimen injuria,” the letter stated.

The issue escalated to this point after DJ Ambizzy called Birdies out for not paying a local DJ. ” Talk is cheap. Pay up. The same way you want others to respect your business is the same way you should respect someone else’s business. Pay Asserdeep’s money, talk less and pay up,” DJ Ambizzy wrote

Shipanga responded to Dj Ambizzy saying that he is abnormal and that’s why God made him an albino. Shipanga however retracted his comments and issued a statement. “I unconditionally apologize to DJ Ambizzy and to any other person whose livelihoods or wellbeing may have been affected by my speech, but an apology is not enough, it may never be,” he said.


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